Top 7 Questions You Should Ask Caterers

There are several catering services on the market, each with its unique set of capabilities, experience, and services. When it comes to selecting the best catering service for your event, comparing each catering service is the way to go. So, what are the most important questions to ask while evaluating caterers?


1. What types of cuisine do the caterers specialize in?

This is a useful question to gather, filter, and organize the menu, especially you’re your event or party has a certain theme or any requirements that include specific types of cuisine. It assures that you get the best catering menu, and you may even discover some cuisine you were unaware existed!


2. What would the caterer recommend?

Most caterers have experience in catering to different types of events such as corporate events, mini parties, outdoor events, weddings, etc. So, don’t hesitate to ask them for a recommendation based on your budget, style, or menus as they are the best advisors in the catering services field! For example, the menu and set-up options they’d recommend for indoor birthday events may differ from those for outdoor birthday events.


3. Do you provide a menu sampling?

Ask the caterer if they provide menu sampling, as tasting the menu before the event may help you choose the best menu from disliked and favorite dishes. 


4. What is the estimated cost?

You may ask for the total cost of your ideal catering service and compare it with your budget. This question helps you to understand exactly how costs are calculated and the types of benefits are included in the total cost. For example, the total cost of the catering service is calculated based on the per-guest rate and comes with free cutleries.

It ensures you won’t go over your budget and have a better understanding of the type of catering services you’re able to afford. For example, you may not go for a canape style or champagne party if you have a limited budget.


5. Are there any hidden charges for catering services?

Make sure you ask this question before making any booking decisions for your events, such as service charge, delivery charge, etc.


6. How many days in advance should I place my order?

This useful question can determine the length of time you spend making decisions.


7. What kind of setup options do the caterers provide?

The set-up may differ based on the type of catering service. Make sure the caterers can provide a suitable and ideal set-up style before the event. For example, a formal wedding ceremony might not be suitable to use an aluminium foil tray for setting up.


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